Happy Jamboreen!

Jamboreen Parade

Today is the longest day of the year. But here’s something even the most ardent of Kendra Kandlestar might not know: today, that the longest day of the year, is also the biggest holiday in the Land of Een. Yes! Today is Jamboreen.

Jamboreen will be featured as a major event in the new Kendra book and I can tell you that there is no festival in the world quite like it. If you were so lucky as to attend a Jamboreen, you would find Eens dressed in colorful costumes, wearing masks or painted faces, and walking on long stilts, juggling glowing balls, or performing tricks.You would taste the grandest treats: Eenberry pie, honey trifles, and roasted acorns glazed with Een sugar. You would hear silly songs, dance to jubilant music, and play the strangest games you can imagine.

How strange are the games?

Well, here’s just a few of them:

Sneeze Race
Een contestants wear wheel-skates and try to sneeze their way across a finish line.

Boot Bang
Contestants go as high as they can on a swing and try to kick off their shoes, aiming for a long trumpet. If they succeed in getting a shoe down the trumpet, it spins down a long network of tubes, setting off a series of gears and switches until at last a melon ends up dropping—and exploding—on top of someone’s head.

Sink the Boat
This involves cramming as many Eens as possible into a boat to see how many can fit in before it sinks.

Contestants have to keep their feet in a tub full of Een fish as long as possible without breaking out in laughter.

Snore War
A game to see who has the loudest snore—though it is usually impossible to award a winner, since everyone is asleep.

There are plenty more too! Of course, the climax of the night is the Magician’s Match, in which seven Een wizards are chosen to participate in a friendly duel to see who can perform the best feats of enchantment.

Well, you can find out more about Jamboreen once I get this book finished and ready for you to read. In the meantime, I wish all of the Kendra fans out there a Happy Jamboreen!

4 thoughts on “Happy Jamboreen!

  1. Oh gosh, I’d love to attend a Jamboreen! I’d be especially interested in the Snore War – would the referee fall asleep as well?

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