Big Times in the Big Apple

Book Expo CrowdI’m in New York this week attending the Book Expo America—the biggest book conference in New York.

Our first day here we spent toodling (yes, toodling) about the city, seeing the sights and today was our first day at the show.

TCornelia Funke Tickethere’s a plethora of authors here—too many to possibly name. I did meet Cornelia Funke (after standing in a long line with my precious ticket) and received a copy of her latest book. But really the highlight was just hanging out with my podcast partner, James McCann, and meeting some of the different attenees.

This is an ENORMOUS show, so there are lots of fun things to see: great booth displays, extravagant costumes, and of course fantastic books.

Tomorrow, I’m doing two signings and an interview at the show, so it promises to be busy!

Evil Laugh.

Today was just

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