The Low-Down on Burdock Brown

Burdock BrownI had one of those great writing moments this week. There I was, sitting in a hotel room in Seattle, trying to stave off fatigue and coax some words out of my tired coconut so that I could finish up this really important scene in my fourth Kendra book.

It’s been a tough section to write, with lots of back story about two important characters: the fiendish Burdock Brown and Kendra’s mother, the legendary Kayla Kandlestar.

We’ve always known that Burdock hated Kayla Kandlestar, but what has never been really revealed is exactly WHY.

Well, get ready to know WHY. I bet it might surprise you—it certainly surprised ME when I realized it, sitting there in that Seattle hotel room. But I love these types of “A-ha” moments. They are the best part of writing.

Kayla Kandlestar And the best part of all, gentle readers, is that the story of what happened between Burdock and Kayla will make you hate that unibrowed Een more than you ever imagined.

And that’s a good thing . . . isn’t it?

One thought on “The Low-Down on Burdock Brown

  1. I saw this and I literally gasped! full color Burdock AND Kayla Kandlestar sketch!!
    Can’t wait for book four!!!

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