Beginning with a Bang

Kendra Kandlestar IV is going to be a different than the others in the series so far.

For one thing, Kendra’s going on a very different sort of adventure. I hope you’ll like it.

One thing that I’m sure you will all love is that this book begins with a real BANG. You might recall that the last time we saw Kendra and her friends, they were making their way across the skies in Ratchet’s airship. Well, hardly a chapter will pass before they suddenly find themselves attacked by a army of . . . well, I’m not going to tell you everything right now. I’ll let you guess about the army.

Needless to say, it will be all hands on deck—including Oki and Jinx. As you can see in this pencil drawing, Jinx is all ready for the good fight. She’s still carrying the sword that she managed to find on the pirate ship way back in Book III, but she’s added a few more weapons to her arsenal.

As for Oki, he’ll load the cannons. But those aren’t cannon balls, my friends. What you see there is snot shot, one of Ratchet’s latest inventions. I won’t tell you what effect snot shot has—but I’m sure your imagination will help you out in that department.

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