A Whiskery Elder of Een

Leemus Longbraid StatueOne of the most fun I have in chronicling Kendra’s adventures is showing the rich history and mythology of that tiny Land of Een. In particular, I’ve enjoyed telling the myths of the very first Eldest of the Elders, Leemus Longbraids. He’s now immortalized in the form of a statue in the famous Een garden known as the Rainmaker’s Rhapsody.

Well, in Kendra Kandlestar IV, readers will be introduced to some of the other Eldest of the Elders who have sat on the Een council. These include Thedo Thistledown, who was an Elder during the time when Kendra’s mother was growing up.

And, there’s also this whiskery little fellow . . . he’s very Oki-like, I suppose (though this ancient fellow is quite deaf). I can’t tell you a name for him yet (these things take time!).

Eldest of the Elders.

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