The Face of Agent Lurk

One of the questions I get asked all the time by my readers is about the identity of  Agent Lurk, that mysterious character who chased Kendra across the pages of The Shard from Greeve.

Well, here’s something that might surprise you. By the time I was finished writing The Shard from Greeve, I knew who Lurk was, but I didn’t know what he looked like. In fact, it wasn’t until The Shard from Greeve had been on bookstore shelves for three months that I knew what he looked like underneath that cloaked hood.

Back when I was writing that third book, I made some sketches of what I thought Lurk might look like beneath the hood (see the picture, right). I eventually decided that I just wasn’t satisfied with his appearance, but I knew it would come to me. I decided I didn’t need to let readers see him until Book 4.

Well, one day, several months ago, I was sketching away and suddenly, like magic, out of my pencil came a tiny thumbnail drawing of a face. Bingo! I instantly knew I had captured what Agent Lurk looked like. And that drawing caused me to make a major change to the plot of Book 4. I just love it when that happens . . . and I also wonder what kind of writer I would be if I couldn’t draw.

Well, I can’t wait to show YOU what Agent Lurk looks like beneath his hood—but I can’t do that yet. After all, it will ruin the surprise for you. But I don’t want to completely disappoint you. So here is what his eye looks like. Don’t complain. It’s better than nothing . . . isn’t it?

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