I am NOT a voice actor

But it hasn’t stopped me from getting hired as one.

Last summer, one of my closest friends, picture book author Kari-Lynn Winters, asked me to work on the audio recording that would accompany her new book, Runaway Alphabet.

My initial response was, “I am NOT a voice actor.” But, you know, when you’re wandering through the amusement park of life, you have to stop every now and then to experience the rides they offer. So I agreed to do it.

I played three very small parts, but the best thing about this project was working with the human dynamo known as Kari. I also got to work with my other friend Lori Sherrit-Fleming, who narrates the book. But the real star of the show (in my humble opinion) is my goddaughter, who played the role of the girl in the story. I was pretty proud of her (she was only eight when she played the part). Incidentally, my goddaughter has also played the role of Kendra Kandlestar at several of my events; I may be biased, but I’m going to say that she is multi-talented.

In any case, months later, Runaway Alphabet is now about to launch! Come help celebrate it—plus six other books—on Wednesday, May 5, 7 to 9 pm.

Where? No,  not in the Land of Een! The launch is at Kidsbooks, 3083 West Broadway, Vancouver. You may even see a wizard or two lingering in the crowd.

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