Captain Critter

When we last left the Land of Een, Raggart Rinkle was Captain of the Een Guard. He had taken over the job after Juniper Jinx was fired (just because she was, in Burdock Brown’s words, a “critter”). Well, Burdock has never liked the animals of Een, but if he knew his history better, he’d know that the very first Captain of the Guard was indeed an animal—and one with a lot more fur than Jinx!

As any reader of the Kendra Kandlestar books knows, I love to sprinkle her adventures with stories of the history of Een. Kendra Kandlestar IV will be no different—so here’s a sneak peak of Clovin Cloudfoot, the first Captain of the Een Guard, appointed to the role by the first Eldest of the Elders, Leemus Longbraids.

You can see that in the original sketch, Clovin had no cape, but I added it in the final illustration because I decided it would make him look a little more swashbuckling.

Clovin Cloudfood - pencil sketch.

Clovin Cloudfoot.

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