The name game

Kendra Kandlestar costume.Today I was visiting a school in Vancouver where we worked on crafting some dastardly characters in my “So you think you’re a villain?” workshop. I’ve visited this school before and they are great supporters of Kendra Kandlestar—as evidenced in this photo of one teacher’s costume from last Halloween. Isn’t it great?

It was truly wonderful to meet so many young Kendra fans today, and I was reminded of my last visit to this school. It was while I was right in the middle of writing Kendra Kandlestar and the Shard from Greeve. Well, on that particular day, I was working with students on designing this monstrous character and the name that the kids came up with was “Squaggle.” I LOVED that name—so much so that I asked them if I could use it for a character in my Kendra book.

Thankfully, they said “yes!” As you can see by the sketch below, Captain Dirtybeard’s first mate (a Gnome pirate) was originally going to be called “Bort.” Yes, it was just a little too Swedish. So I switched his name to Squaggle. It fits him much better . . . don’t you think?

I’m off to Ottawa next week to teach even more villainy . . . look out, nation’s capital!


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