Eens Like Us

Teen Een.Last week in my writing class, I was showing my students the sketches and final inked version (shown right) of the new character, “the Teen Een,” that will play a prominent role in Kendra Kandlestar IV.

Little did I know that it had left quite the impression on them. This week, Julia showed up wearing a hood. Of course, I didn’t quite realize why at first. But finally, half-way through our book discussion (we’re reading The Magician’s Elephant by Kate DiCamillo), I finally stopped and said, “Julia, why are you wearing that hood!?” To which she shyly replied, “I have something to show you, Mr. Wiz.”

So off came the hood and there, to my great delight, was a delightful head of Een braids! Awesome! It was the perfect hairstyle for that specific class, as we went on to brew and concoct our own magic potions. And, as far as I’m concerned, when one is making a magic potion, one should have Een hair.

Julia's Een braids.

Julia's braids and potion

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