The Writing Rumble

Well, there was no writing for ME today—just for the ninety or so students I met today at my workshops. I delivered two different workshops: So You Think You’re a Villain? and The Writing Rumble.

I was particularly happy to teach the Writing Rumble, which takes on the challenge of teaching young writers how to craft a fight scene that is full of action and excitement—without all the gratuitous gore.

The Writing Rumble

In my experience, a lot of young students—especially boys—are told to just write without violence as a way to avoid this tricky problem. What I try to do is address it a different way, and show that writing a compelling battle takes a lot of skill and work. After all, it’s not violence that readers want—it’s an engaging story.

Kendra KandlestarI’ve always thought of Kendra Kandlestar and the Shard from Greeve as my “battle” book, so it serves a great model for this workshop. As part of this workshop, I ask the students to take a quiz to discover what type of warrior they would be if they suddenly found themselves in the Rumble Pit. You can take it too! Just visit the activity page on the Kendra Kandlestar website by clicking here.

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