Dinner with a Cylon?

Authors Like UsThe latest podcast is up for Authors Like Us and it’s a goody, featuring not one, but THREE authors: Meg Tilly, Don Calame, and kc dyer.

I love Meg’s book, Porcupine, and James loves Don’s Swim the Fly, but I think the thing that excited us the most about having dinner with these two is hearing about Meg’s latest experience: acting on Caprica, the spin-off of the highly-successful Battlestar Galactica series.

As you will hear in the interview, I couldn’t convince Meg to tell us whether or not she plays a Cylon on Caprica. Here’s hoping, because that would make my inner geek extremely pleased.

Don’t worry, we didn’t talk just about Cylons in this interview. You’ll also hear how about our collective artistic angst—especially when it comes to editing.

You can check out the episode on iTunes or at authorlikeus.com.

James McCann, ME, Meg Tilly, and Don Calame.

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