Mr. Wiz at the library

I’ve had a lot of library on my brain lately. I just finished inking my illustration of Uncle Griffinskitch’s library (which I recently posted) and then on Monday night, I was at the large and glorious downtown Vancouver library, where I participated on a panel of children’s authors and illustrators.

“Getting Started in Children’s Books” featured a host of fabulous authors/illustrators: Gail Banning, Linda DeMeulemeester, Shula Klinger, Paola Opal, Crystal Stranaghan, and Ellen Schwartz.

Seems like over two hundred people turned out to hear us ruminate about our careers. It was a bit intimidating at first, but of course anyone who knows me, I can be a regular Professor Bumblebean—talkative and opinionated!

Library Panel.

Photo: Ellen Schwartz, Crystal Stranaghan, ME, and Shula Klinger. Photo by Laura Hana.

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