Little Wonders

No . . . I’m not speaking about Eens! Though you will be happy to know that I’m back from Korea and diligently working away on drawings for the new book. I’ve taken a couple of weeks off from writing (due to time travel camp), but will start again next week.

On our last day in Korea, we decided to escape our chaperon, jump a cab, and see if we could make it across town to the aquarium without getting lost and having to live the rest of our days on the streets of Seoul eating kimchee. Alas, much to our disappointment, we had very little misadventure making it to our destination. But we were not disappointed by the aquarium, which is located at the giant, labyrinth-like Co-Ex mall.

We found the experience at the aquarium rather strange and wondrous. I will never forget the open shark enclosure with these tiny sharks doing laps before us and the little boys reaching out to grab their fins as they circled past. I do NOT recommend trying such a feat!

I was particularly entranced by the marvellous bat enclosure and, right next to it, there was this odd little fellow:

My teaching partner, Kallie, was quite enamored with this little two-headed turtle. Her book about a two-tailed mermaid (called The Melancholic Mermaid) is coming out this year and I think this turtle reminded us both of her title character.

Also, we found this beautiful creature called a Sea Dragon. I pride myself on knowing a lot about animals, but I’ll admit to have never having seen or heard of this magical beast. It just didn’t seem real, even as I watched it dance before me. If Eens had horses, I’m sure they would look like this.


One thought on “Little Wonders

  1. My mom’s not a fan of the turtle but Mr. Fodi, that could be a decent magical character for you! Hmm… an old turtle Een…. I like it!

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