Travelling through Time

CWC Time Tracker
"Time Tracker" Megan pauses from her writing.

We just wrapped up time travel camp and we sure are exhausted. If only I could turn back time and get some sleep!

The camp was a massive success (and I even managed to get a bit of drawing done for the new Kendra book). Plus, if you were so lucky as to be at the Time Travel camp you were given a sneak peak at the rough draft of the new Kendra book (well, the humble few chapters that I’ve completed thus far). Well, such is the reward for having to spend six whole days with me and listening to me begin each and every day in song. Yes, I sing. Not well. But everyone should sing and dance in my opinion—even if they cannot sing and dance.

Gadget building
The Time Trackers build their own machine for cosmic travel.

We engaged in some excellent activities at this camp. We built time travelling gadgets, made cave paintings, and even went on a “journey of the mind.”

Are mascot: the time travelling mouse (or, as we like to call him, "Cosmo.")

Want more images from our camp? Just check out our video on youtube.


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