Biggest Oki Fan?

Oki is a pretty popular character, but I didn’t think he would ever become THIS popular . . .

Oki Tattoo

Yes, it’s an Oki tattoo! And it belongs to Paige, a bookseller at A Good Book Cafe in Sumner, Washington, and she claims to be the biggest Oki fan. Getting a tattoo of our reluctant little hero indelibly inscribed upon her skin might just mean she’s proved it.

I had the privilege of seeing the tattoo in person last night after a lovely event at A Good Book Cafe. This is one of my favourite bookstores in the world. It’s a maze of nooks and crannies, stacked with books old and new—but, best of all, the people who play there  are bursting with literary joy. If you are ever in the Puyallup/Auburn area of Washington State, they are worth the visit (plus they are NEVER out of Kendra books)!

Now, for all you kids out there, I highly recommend NOT getting a permanent tattoo. I mean what if you like Oki today, and then by tomorrow your favourite character is Ratchet? Best to stick with just getting an Oki T-shirt!

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