Help me, I’m falling!

Help me, I'm Falling

I don’t ever sit down  to write with a bunch of themes in my head. In truth, I think this is the wrong way to approach storytelling.Rather, I like to let certain patterns evolve. It happens naturally, I find.

Well, as I work on Kendra IV, I’m finding that this story is a series of falls. And I don’t mean  figurative, metaphorical falls, like a proud character getting knocked down a peg—I mean literal falls! In the first five chapters alone, I think Kendra  has fallen five or six times, and some of those falls have been looooooooooong drops!

We’ll I’ve never plummeted far as Kendra, mind you, but I once did stumble into a gaping pit at Kom Ombo temple in Egypt. But that’s a story for another time . . .

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