A Troubled Wizard

Shaden ShiverboneAs much as I love my existing characters, it’s always fun when I get to introduce some new ones.

This is a sketch of  Shaden Shiverbone, a renown wizard in the land of Een. Yeah, yeah, I know. You’re asking, “How come I havne’t heard of him before?”

Trust, readers, trust. All will be revealed!

And why does he look so nervous?

Well, his apprentice has been causing some trouble, so he’s being called before the Council of Elders to answer for his pupil. And just who is his apprentice? Well, I’m not going to tell you everything.

Oh, and the bug? Well, let’s just call him Ibb for now.

One thought on “A Troubled Wizard

  1. Oh he does look nervous….
    Good luck Mr. Shiverbone, if your going to see Burdock Brown and his evil cronies…. You’ll need it…

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