This is why I don’t have time to write

My Vancouver class of Wiz Kids are nuts for Star Wars (kind of like someone else I know). We always have a lot of Star Wars in our class, but yesterday, we cranked it up a notch. I made some custom cards (don’t tell Lucasfilm) to help us play a roleplaying game I called “Order 66.”

Star Wars Role Playing Cards

We all created Jedi names (I’m Master Fodiwan, of course) and donned robes and lightsabers—and voila! We had our very own jedi council for the game. Afterwards, I photographed everyone and added lightsaber blades in Photoshop. I can’t wait to read the stories they are all writing, as inspired by our game and costumes!

Padwan Arski

Padawan Hyungakin

Darth Bael.

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