The Spell of Writing

Magic Potion
Ratchet Ringtail's workshop? No, just another one of "Mr. Wiz's" writing classes.

I just finished up my most recent term of Dream Workshop yesterday, and as part of it I produced a little iMovie slideshow to celebrate our fifteen weeks of chaotic creativity. This was one of my most favourite photos from the slideshow—just one of the many spills during my magic potions class. Hey, if you’re going to make kids write magic spells, they should at least actually concoct the potion first!

One of my students from a different class also gave me a cute little picture that she drew. She didn’t tell me why she drew them, or if where they came from (I’m assuming from her own unique coconut). Maybe these could be new inhabitants in the land of Een? Ratchet Ringtail wouldn’t have created them—they look far too happy.

New inhabitants for the Land of Een?

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