Hanging by a thread

Whew! I had a busy day planning out a lot of my trips and workshops that are scheduled for the coming months. I’m excited to have two big bookstore events in Sumner and Seattle in February. Check out my events page on my website for all the details. I’ve been booking a lot of school visits as well, and will be delivering a lot of fun workshops. My favourite these days is my “So You Think You’re a Villain.” I also have a “Heroes and Villains” workshop, but I really love sinking my teeth into the villains. They are so much dastardly fun to draw and write.

Well, all this planning means I didn’t get any writing done today (yet). I’m feeling a little bummed about that, because my resolution for this year was to write an hour a day. However, I did get in some drawing completed these last couple of days. Here’s what my table looked like at the beginning of the week:

Sketches for "Kendra faces the Skarm."

I really had some problems working out Kendra’s arms in this drawing; I was trying to capture how she would be hanging in a way that her face could still be seen as she stares at her fanged and drooling adversary. I had a few different attempts that I abandoned, but finally came up with a version that I’m happy with (at least for now). Hopefully, you like it too . . .

Kendra faces the beast.


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