New Years comes early in the Land of Een

ElderI am a notorious slow writer, much to the chagrin of many a kid waiting for Kendra’s next adventure. It seems I help my own students so much with their own writing that I’m always pushing my own projects to the side. You see, I’ve always preferred to write late at night, when the world quiets down. But for this fourth book I’ve decided to implement an early New Year’s resolution, which is an hour (at least) of writing each day before I do anything else. That’s right! No checking email, no breakfast, no distraction! Just writing.

I’ve been doing that for a few weeks now, and it’s going along well. I was able to complete the drafts of a few chapters for the new book in time for the Winter Writing Camp I taught on December 21-22. SO, if you were so lucky to be one of the students at that camp, you were given a sneak peak of the great battle scene that occurs near the beginning of the new book. You even learned about Ratchet’s latest invention: Snot Shot!

Well, I’m drawing a lot these days too; there’s many  new characters that I need to learn about for this new book. Here’s the latest shot of my sketchbook. I hope you like some of the new additions to the Land of Een!

New Characters

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